Webcast production services

If you are looking for a reliable professional to take charge of your webcast production, you’ve come to the right place. We produce hundreds of direct video broadcasts annually. Our production services can be scaled flexibly from a single camera shooting to multi-camera productions. Don’t hesitate, but instead contact us and tell us about your aims, and we’ll help you to achieve them.


For publishing, we’ll provide the client a website where we compile direct broadcasts, presentation materials and recordings. Our distribution platform enables also the uploading or embedding of the video files to other websites. Access to the material can also be restricted by using passwords.


The production can be realized in a location chosen by the client or in our studio. Our studio is located in Helsinki, in Pohjois-Pasila (‘North Pasila’). Equipped in a versatile manner, our studio is immediately ready to shoot. Just walk right in and start the show! We’ll give you a finished recording in a memory stick and a link for Web distribution.

When the webcast production is expanding, we’ll provide the event technology


A commentary wall compiles Twitter, browser and text messages into a single view. The application enables viewers’ remote participation in the webcast in an interactive manner.


Statistics enable us to obtain useful information about the number of webcasts’ viewers, viewing times, locations and terminal devices. Based on this information, it will be possible to find out which items interested the viewers.

Event technology

Screens, lighting, sound reproduction – when the webcast production is expanding, we’ll provide also the event technology.



We produce 3D animations that suit particularly well for the telling of demanding illustrations and stories.

Video filming

Video filming

We also provide filming services with a single camera. We use these for instance for advertisements and smaller-scale event productions.



We finalize productions by editing and colour grading. The image material used can be provided by us or the client’s own material.


Stremia is a production company founded in 2004, specializing in moving pictures. Our offices are located in Helsinki and Tampere. Our clients come from various lines of business, and their size varies from small and medium-size companies to listed companies.
We produce hundreds of webinars annually, and in addition to this, we are involved in a number of animation, shooting and post-production tasks. A number of our client relationships have lasted for several years.

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